Help me fund my stay to join the Conference QualityOfLife4OI

Anastasia Danilchenko
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from €900 (33%)

After I won the photo-competition, prize = a free ticket, I would now like to fundraise my Hotel to join the conference in Amsterdam in November, Quality of Life 4 OI

For this conference, I will bring my socially educated teacher Levchuk Lyutsina Mechislavovna as my accompanying person, I am also fundraising for her ticket.

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€15 17-12-2019 | 16:43
€25 30-10-2019 | 18:32 Nastya you are such a brave girl! God Bless You! Have fun at your journey 😉
€15 14-07-2019 | 01:43
€50 09-07-2019 | 18:41
€200 04-07-2019 | 14:05 It is such a treat to know this beautiful, kind, joyful young woman! What an amazing opportunity for sweet Nastya!