The Sound of ...Caroline!

Caroline van der Schoot
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Dear all,

I am very proud (and a little nervous!) to sing at this 'The Sound of' event to help raise funds for Care4Brittlebones. After hearing stories about what life is like for people with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and for their families I started to learn more about this thankfully rare condition. The impact of breaking so easily and frequently, the pain and worry this brings to people who have OI and the burden on their family really shocked me. I realised that the fact that this is a rare disease is actually really hard on the people that have it. Because it is rare there is hardly any money available for research. Because it is rare there is not even a global data base that allows proper indepth analysis and comparissons that can form the basis of the development of a treatment or even a cure. For this reason I would mlike to help spread awareness of OI and help raise funds to make a difference to people living with brittle bones. Please help people with OI and make a donation by 'voting' for me. Thank you!


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