Walking & wheeling for the future of Sophie!

Peter & Dagmar Mekking
from €1.400 (78%)

Dear friends,

Together with many people with OI we will “walk & wheel” the Dam tot Dam on September 21.

We are forming a tight little group of people using wheelchairs or other mobility aids and people who are not sporty at all (I wonder who that may be??). But we will drag ourselves through it ... with band aids, with willpower and with the necessary dose of humor.

For urgently needed research into OI. For better bones, better muscles, less pain ... and the best possible future for everyone with OI, including our daughter Sophie of course!!

Would you please support us with a donation? Everything is most welcome!!

Many thanks in advance. We really appreciate your continued support for Care4BrittleBones and us as a family!

Warm regards,

Peter & Dagmar


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€25 21-09-2019 | 14:41 We need more awareness for osteogenesis imperfecta.
€15 20-09-2019 | 21:04 Succes Peter en Dagmar Dam tot Dam voor jullie prachtige dochter
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