Dam 2 Dam - 16KM - September 23 2018

James Humfrey
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I want to raise money for Brittle Bones (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) and am joining a team running the Dam 2 Dam 10mile/16KM race on September 23 in Amsterdam. My daughter Cora's friend Jemima has Brittle Bones, and having seen the impact it has for her (even running around in socks on a wooden floor is a hazard) I wanted to support C4BB which raises money for scientific research.
Jemima over the last few years has had various clever rods inserted in her bones following fractures. These minimise the pain and significantly increase recovery speed. She also receives a regular infusion of a Bisphosphonate compound which helps promote bone density development. Technologies and medicines such as these can only be developed with ongoing research and so all donations will be used to fund opportunities to improve the quality of life for people with Brittle Bones.
I realize that in these days of ultra-marathons, 16KM is not that far, but this is actually my first ever distance race and I have been training since April (over 500km!) to get a decent time. The mean time was 1hr:34 last year at the event - and I hope to beat that by a good margin.
Any donations you could give would be most welcome.
Thanks so much - James

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