Dam to Dam in Holland for brittle bones

Kirsty Usadel
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I've known Lucy since she was 6 months old (Lucy is now 14 years old). It was at her 1st birthday party that she had her first break, although it was not known at the time. Lucys mummy couldn't understand why she didn't stop crying when she'd just been sitting with a group of little friends including my daughter, Lucy went to the hospital who said she might have an ear infection. A week later Bec and Rob realised she wasn't moving her arm, and back at the hospital they confirmed it was a broken arm. A few weeks later Holly Lucy's sister picked Lucy up and as she put her back down, Lucy started to scream, at the hospital they told them that she had a broken leg, and when they explained what had happened, the doctors said their story was not compatible with the severity of Lucy's break (unfortunately a lot of parents of children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) are suspected of child abuse as there is so little knowledge of this rare condition. Nearly a year and 4 breaks later, Lucy was finally diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI). After having broken her fingers twice whilst playing Volleyball, she then decided to try something else, this is typical of the "unbreakable spirit" of children with OI. All funds raised for Care4BrittleBones support research into this painful and debilitating disease.

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