The Sound of ...Marina!

Marina Feranchuk
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Dear Friends! Please join me and support this initiative by providing your trust in my performance on the 28th of June! I will be grateful for every donation I will receive!  And I will try not to let you down!;)

Why do I support Care4brittlebones...

Having gone through a personal change journey myself, I deeply respect how Dagmar (the founder of this beautiful foundation) dealt with her challenging situation and how she turned something negative and scary into something powerful and inspirational! Leaving a well paid corporate world to dedicate her life to a cause that is helping so many people - this is a true love and selflessness!

I wish Care4brittlebones to grow and continue to make tremendous impact on the patients with OI, and I will do whatever is in my hands to play a part! 




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€25 29-06-2018 | 14:32 Fantastisch gedaan!
€25 29-06-2018 | 07:49 To support the reasearch to find a cure for this desease.
€50 28-06-2018 | 22:17
€100 28-06-2018 | 22:10
€15 28-06-2018 | 22:02 I want to support the foundation!