The Sound of ...Nina!

Caterina Righini
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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would kindly ask you to support me as I will be singing for Care4Brittles on June 28th.

I`m quite scared to perform in front of a big crowd but I think it`s a good chance to contribute to a greater cause given that all proceeds raised will go directly to Care4Brittle.


I am grateful for whichever amount you are able to fundraise and I hope to see you at the event on June 28th

Can’t come, but want to donate? Please do so by supporting one of the singers HERE.




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€15 01-07-2018 | 23:02 I want to contribute to the foundation
€25 29-06-2018 | 14:34 Be proud of yourself!
€50 28-06-2018 | 22:07
€10 28-06-2018 | 21:59
€50 28-06-2018 | 21:57