The Sound of ...Patty!

Patty Herrera-Torres
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Dear Friends and family, I am reaching out to you because I decided to support the charity Care 4 brittle bones to raise funds for research into Osteogenesis Imperfecta (, by participating in the Sound of Shell event. I was invited other event participant who knew the only way to make me sing in a competition was the goal of helping and making a difference.

After getting in deep into the OI information, seeing such a fragile children and talking to the fund raising director and understanding that the goal of the event was to:

  1. Raise awareness
  2. Raise funds for research
  3. and to create a global database with will help to get insights to help the research and hopefully find a cure (my data Management heart jumps immediately with joy!),

This was a proposition I could not refuse!

So please if you would like to contribute to this cause vote for me by pressing the donate now!. Every penny counts. Thanks!

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€ 25 04-07-2018 | 14:43 Supporting the efforts from my colleagues for a good cause, to help people and specially children smile! Thanks Patty!
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€ 25 28-06-2018 | 22:19
€ 25 28-06-2018 | 22:12
€ 250 28-06-2018 | 21:50