Help me Spring into action for Care4Brittle Bones

Paul Pickering
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Well i hope it will be spring ! Grateful every day for being able to get out and run and time to put some practicality to that gratitude, so with a good friend with a family member who bravely lives every day with Brittle Bones, an easy decision to give my 10k CPC run some purpose. Anything you can donate to help the foundation improve the quality of life for those with OI will put an extra spring in each step .

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€25 22-03-2019 | 00:04 Sorry its late but better late than never Dad.....and no that's not a slow time :)
€25 10-03-2019 | 10:41
€50 09-03-2019 | 20:55 At our age its all about keeping the bits going! We take for granted what we can do day to day, even if it is a bit less than last year. But it is events such as this and participants such as Paul, that reminds us of others less fortunate. So well done Mr. P. P & V
€50 09-03-2019 | 13:47 A good friend's daughter has brittle bone disease, so happy to do anything I can to help the cause!
€30 05-03-2019 | 00:05