Running for Care4BrittleBones

Rebecca van Berkel
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Lucy is my motivation to run 10 miles on 23rd September to raise much needed funds and awareness for Care4BrittleBones. With around 30 breaks in her 13 years (you lose count after a while...) we have seen Lucy overcome a lot of setbacks in her life, her positive (and feisty!!) spirit are an inspiration. There is still too little known about Osteogenesis Imperfecta (let's call it OI, or brittle bones - there's nothing imperfect about my daughter!!) and we are working towards the best possible care for all those who are living with this debilitating disease. Please support me if you can, every little helps, thanks xxx

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€50 20-09-2018 | 09:18 Let’s do whatever we can to help people affected by brittle bones and to identify causes, so one day we can prevent this happening.