Sabrina for Lucy

Sabrina Asis
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On September 22, I will be running for Brittle Bones 10 miles (16 km) from Amsterdam to Zaandam.

My friend Danelle offered me the greatest gift: the opportunity to run in order to raise money and awareness for "Brittle Bones". In fact, Danelle and I are running for Lucy, a lovely and corageous 14-year old girl.  

There are many different types of Brittle Bone Disease, from the most severe, where babies can die within days of being born, to the lightest form, which Lucy has. Lucy does not let the disease stand in her way. She has had 25 breaks in her 13 years, and as much as her mom tries, there is absolutely no holding her down! She loves to cycle, run, jump on trampolines, rollerskate, play volleyball, push boys in the playground – most of which have led to fractures in the past, but she lives her life to the full. Rebecca, her mother, says her ongoing positivity and energy is an inspiration and I can't wait to participate in this run to help support her live her life in the fullest! For Lucy, for everyone with Brittle Bone disease, please help me raise awareness and much needed funds to help improve the quality of their lives. Thank you for your support!

With love, Sabrina

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