Give Nigerian OI representatives a voice at the "Quality of Life 4 OI"

Dagmar Mekking
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Need your help to bring representatives from Nigeria to a conference related to the brittle bone disease OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta)!

OI is a rare disease, which causes extremely fragile bones, pain and fatigue in children and adults. People with OI undergo countless surgeries in a life time and face many challenges because participating in normal life (education, social interaction etc) with a super fragile body is very difficult. In Nigeria the lack of awareness and belief that OI is caused by a curse or similar are causing additional human suffering.

To have a chance to improve the lives of people with OI we absolutely have to work in a global coalition across patients, healthcare providers and the industry. In November Care4BrittleBones, an NGO dedicated to improving the lives of people with OI, is organising a unique conference that will discuss key aspects for Quality of Life ( relevant to healthcare providers and patients with OI. The conference takes place from 22 - 25 November in Amsterdam. Researchers, clinicians and patient community will convene aiming to make an impact to quality of life for people with OI. 

Please help us to bring Nigerian delegates to the important international conference. They are unable to pay their costs and have such a strong patient community, they should benefit from the conference to the maximum extent.

Any funds raised will be used exclusively to support conference and hotel costs specifically for delegates from the Nigeria (OIF Nigeria approved). They will report back on the learnings they have been able to gain.


Many thanks on behalf of OIF Nigeria!

Tarela Aghanti, OIF Nigeria (

Dagmar Mekking, Foundation Care4BrittleBones (

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€25 20-08-2019 | 01:39 Helping a goodly course for humanity
€5 19-08-2019 | 22:30 It's for a fantastic course. Well done. OI can. Thank you for these.
€50 17-08-2019 | 14:48 A little help makes the world a better place. Together we can all make a difference.