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On September 23, 2018, I will be running the Dam-tot-Damloop with several other colleques from Airborne Oil & Gas .  Different from the other runs I have done in the past, this time I will dedicate my run to a special purpose: I will run with my whole heart & soul (mental and physical) for those who can’t run, people with the rare disease of OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta). Seems like the best way to show how grateful I am that my body allows me to move and run.

OI, also known as brittle bone disease, is a bone disorder characterized by bones that are prone to fracture. The fractures can cause acute or chronic pain and a reduced quality of life. Children with OI can break their bones like crystal. People with OI can break more than 200 times in a life time. They are often prevented to participate in normal activities, facing isolation in addition to all the physical pain. There is currently no cure for OI. To find out more, please watch the story of Chedda (English) or Stijn (Dutch)

Through a colleague I have heard of Foundation Care4BrittleBones. This foundation is working to enable much needed research for this rare disease, so that people with OI eventually will experience less pain and fractures and have a better quality of life overall. This seems like a perfect goal for my run together with 14 other colleques. We hope to cross the finish line in good time knowing that I made a difference for this group of people.

If you donate we promise to do our very best to run fast as possible. At least one of us will try to beat his previous record of 1:03:44 (Dam tot Dam loop,time from last year), no matter if the weather is  - rain or sun!! We will report back on the result with the run and with the funds we have been able to raise for OI. 

We would be very grateful for your support to this cause! Your generosity is appreciated and much needed!

Many thanks! 

Wim Schilder

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