Danielle for Quality of Life 4 OI

from €500 (74%)

Dear friends,

I think that research into OI is important. I also believe that people with OI have to have a voice in this, to ensure research delivers on what people with OI need. This is why I have supported Foundation Care4BrittleBones from the very start.
I would very much like to attend the upcoming international conference QualityofLife4OI (22-25 November 2019, Amsterdam) which they are organising. Given the conference extends of 4 days, if comes with significant costs. It would be fantastic, if you would support me to be one of the voices of OI at the conference! 

I am most happyt to offer you something in return. Hope you find something you like!! 
If any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
Warm regards,