Please join into this global campagne in support of everyone with OI in quarantaine!.

We are Foundation Care4BrittleBones and are passionate about quality of life for people with the rare condition Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI).   And we are passionate about sharing. We always share our insights and products for free with anyone who needs it. With or without OI.  

Why participate

Goal of this campagne is to create insights and activities in support for people with OI living in quarantaine at the moment. People with OI are in the high risk category and have been staying at home since March. We all realise, this will still continue for some time until there is a vaccine. With help of your donation we will do some research to find out how people in the community are doing and how we can connect, inspire and support them in the best possible way.

How to participate

  • Roll or Run 5  and take a picture to show what you've done!    
  • Donate 5 euro on this page
  • Nominate 5 friends on your social media to do the same (remembering to tag us: @care4bb, @FIVE4LIVE)

And together let's raise 5k!


Additional information:

Any activity is fine, as long as there is a 5 in it and a little bit of a challenge for you personally. Go for 5 km running, rolling in your wheelchair or by bike... Or go for something much smaller: walk 5 steps. It really doesn't matter. You can do this inside your house.

Your safety is very important. Do this alone and observe physical distancing. Make sure you are feeling healthy enough to do so. Adhere to your local Corona CID-19 guidelines to do this in a safe way.

We will spend every Euro on research and activities how best to support people with OI in this crisis. We are sure there are ways that we would not have learned without Corona. We just need to work it and actively create these opportunities together. We are committed for years to share what we learned with others for free and support them to build on the learnings as we are also building on the insights of others. A network of > 20 researchers and people with OI are ready to get to work to engage with the OI community world wide.

If you have questions or if you want to get actively involved in this project as a researcher, healthcare professional or a person in the OI Community (which is including the family), then please send an e-mail to We are most happy to hear from you!

Many thanks!

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