Running for stronger bones - Dam-tot-Dam 2018

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On September 23, the legendary Dam to Dam run takes On September 23, the legendary Dam to Dam run takes place again.

As every year, it is sold out for the most famous track of 10 EMs (about 16 km) from Amsterdam CS to Zaandam, a run through the IJ tunnel and along tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators and many music bands. A big party every year! Care4BrittleBones will run with 50 super-motivated runners who raise funds and awareness for research into the rare disease of OI.

Why are we running for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI)? OI is a rare, genetic disease affecting the bone and connective tissue in the body. It is characterized by very fragile bones from birth. The cause of OI is a mutation in the genetic information, which is responsible for the production of collagen, which makes normal bones both solid and flexible. As a result, people with this disease often break their bones. In many cases first fractures happen during birth of even before. During a lifetime, dozens of fractions occur, sometimes more than 200! Children are most fragile.

With this run, we celebrate running by running for those who most often can't. Your contributions to research for OI are much needed and incredibly much appreciated!

Dagmar Mekking


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