Conference: Supporting QualityofLife4OI

This year from 22-25th November a conference will be held about "Quality of Life 4 OI". This scientific conference will discuss * medication options  * orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation   *   psychosocial aspects of OI   *  diagnostics   * learning across rare bone diseases  *  working as a multidisciplinary team.

To support people to join the conference which is so critical for Quality of Life of people with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, we enable them to raise funds upfront. 

Some simple rules:

  1. The amount to be raised depends on the registration type and timeline at the point of the "end of the crowdfunding campagne". If less is raised, if can not be refunded. If more is raised it will be used to support research for OI.
  2. We will use the funds exclusively to pay for the conference fee (ie attendance of all conference related programme, excluding hotel accommodation and flights). It can not be paid out in cash.
  3. Each fundraising site needs to clearly state the name of the conference participant(s) and the number of tickets you are raising funds for.