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On 28 June 2018 11 talented singers - all working for the same company - are singing in support of Foundation Care4BrittleBones and people with the rare bone disease of Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI).

All of them passed the auditions and were selected to be on stage with the extraordinary liveband of Daniel Kist (known from the Voice of Holland): * Caroline van der Schoot * Caterina Righini * Edelle Croghan * Jos Raateland * Lencola Sullivan-Verseveldt * Maria Thevis * Marina Feranchuk * Marjoke Heneweer * Patricia Herrera-Torres * Rob Staples * Sven Mundorf  (Note: This is not an official Shell-event. Everyone is participating on personal initiative).

The evening will collect funds for Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) to establish a first worldwide data base for this rare bone disease which causes the bones to be extremely fragile and many more symptoms.

Watch the story of Stijn (Dutch) or the story of Chedda (English) to find out more about OI. 

The singer who raises most funds will receive a special award at the end of the event. Obviously the "real winner" is the charity. All donations go straight to the cause.

Please donate to your favourite singer's campagne now! 

Dagmar Mekking

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€25 04-07-2018 | 14:43 To: The Sound of ...Patty! Supporting the efforts from my colleagues for a good cause, to help people and specially children smile! Thanks Patty!